An Experimental Intelligence-Building App for Kids

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The 4Cs of intelligence


Quirky videos, facts and trivia to cultivate genuine interest in a broad range of topics

Cognitive Skills

Brain games to support the development of key cognitive skills, like math and reasoning.


Storytelling tools to help kids communicate visual ideas with confidence.


Games, videos and real-world activities to build self-control, social skills and grit

Learnworld is designed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, education and cognitive development.

Every day, kids will get new intelligence-building activities personalized to their interests.

Kids can "level-up" in 9 different intelligence areas.

An all-in-one app with dozens of games, videos, facts, songs, books—even design tools—that is constantly updated to keep up with a child's ever changing interests.

As kids level up, they unlock more and more opportunities for their virtual pet.


Learnworld isn't just an app for kids. We provide specialized tools and resources to help parents raise smart and successful kids. Our Parenting Intelligence toolkit helps parents track their child's development and receive personalized recommendations for parenting techniques -- all based on decades of scientific research. We even provide easy-to-use "recipes" for non-digital activities that are recommended for building intelligence off-the-screen.

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"It is a great app. Specially I love the fun facts about mummies and dinosaurs. Who knew that Egyptians took out the brain before they buried the mummy. I liked the games and trivia as well"

Riaan, 8 Years

"I love videos and images the most - it provided lot of interesting information. Games too are good and fun. LearnWorld is very colorful and easy to use."

Aanya, 11 Years

"I love the virtual pet and how I can get more stuff for him using points. I also like the factbooks and trivia"

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